About me

Adnan M. S. Fakir presently teaches Economics at BRAC University with his interests geared towards econometrics, health and behavioral economics. Adnan is also involved as the director of a documentary film series titled, "Finding Bangladesh" which explores the histories, mythologies and legends within the geographical boundaries of Bangladesh with a focus on the pre-liberation period. The idea is to understand the influence of these stories on the "Bangladeshi" identity. The second installment of the series, covering Barisal and Khulna divisions, is set to come out in early 2016.

Adnan M. S. Fakir has been a Global Shaper since 2014 having taken part in the Sundarbans Cleanup and the Nepal Relief projects. He also frequents writing poetry with three published books, loves traveling and hiking and adores musing on rainy afternoons with coffee and Erik Satie playing the background.