About me

Kazi Istela is a freelance graphic designer whose passion for typography and illustration has driven her to work on a range of projects in both the private and development sectors of Bangladesh. After completing her BFA in Visual Communication from Assumption University, she worked with a local Thai NGO called Love Wildlife and designed campaigns to educate people on various issues regarding illegal and unethical use of wildlife.

Upon her return to Dhaka, she set off to use her skill to create graphics that are accessible and helpful to the general public. In the three years since her return, Istela has worked on projects for prestigious organisations such as UNDP, World Bank, as well as designed branding for various local businesses. Her illustrated series of quirky superhero characters fighting deep rooted ills in the social fabric of Bangladesh was her first initiative to use art as a tool to navigate the chaos and disorder of the everyday world. Just recently, she completed an apprenticeship program sponsored by British Council's Charles Wallace Trust where she got to work closely with Realm Pictures, a film production company based in the UK where she assisted with her graphic design skills on two very exciting 'Real-Life-First-Person-Shooter' videos that went viral.