About me

Sarah-Jane is a senior communications specialist at BRAC, and has been living in Asia for five years. She began her career in Australia in sports-marketing and election campaigning, before finding her roots in celebrating young talent in remote Aboriginal communities. She is passionate about positive storytelling - about changing the dominant narrative and producing content that empowers people with knowledge about all the fantastic things that are happening in the world, and inspires them to be their own heroes. She also loves to explore – in the last five years, she’s biked across Canada and Alaska talking about trash, and cycled a rickshaw for 400km across southern Bangladesh to raise awareness about tiger conservation. She hopes to use Global Shapers as a platform to inspire more young people to spend more time in wild places, because she believes that if we do not spend time with nature, we will not be inspired to preserve it; and to encourage the publishing of more positive, solution-based stories.