About me

Syeda Shagufe Hossain is the Founder and Project Director of Leaping Boundaries and a member of the Editorial Team at the Daily Star, the leading national English daily. A believer, an imaginist, eternally curious, and a hopeless idealist, she identifies herself as a Social Inclusion Activist. She works to increase visibility of girls who study in madrasahs on platforms where they are underrepresented.

Shagufe is a fellow at the Young Connectors of the Future Programme of the Swedish Institute, a Dalai Lama Fellow and has been a speaker at TEDXAIUB. She was also awarded the Community Engagement Award of the Department of Integrated Studies in Education at McGill University. Shagufe is currently completing her thesis for an MA in Education and Society with a concentration in Gender Studies at McGill University. Through the Global Shapers, she hopes to meet like minded people who will give her perspective and inspiration to do even more good in the world.