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Odommo aims to increase disability inclusive employment through raising impactful awareness on the bottlenecks to inclusion and how to mitigate them. People with disability make up close to 20% of the world's population and are considered to be the world's largest minorities. However, they are often ostracized from the community and not allowed proper access to jobs, education, training and other social functions. Not only does this affect them, it also affects the economy of countries like Bangladesh. Disability exclusion in the workplace, i.e. not employing PWD in the job market, costs the Bangladesh economy US$ 1.18 billion annually.

Our first initiative consisted of a month long social media campaign that first focused on such facts and the dire situation of the state of disability exclusion and then featured different success stories of person's with disability through their work and employment. The campaign was closed with a workshop which brought in Disabled People's Organizations, employers and leaders of the community to discuss the bottlenecks to employment of people with disabilities. The session ended with organizations and potential employers committing to include PwD in the workforce and/or at least start arrangements to allow PwD in their workforce.